Linda Sturdivant is a fabulous speaker! Not only is her content something EVERYONE in business needs to hear, but her delivery is amazing! She is totally engaging as well as entertaining. She knows her audience and seems to know a little about everyone’s business. Enough to help them see how her information fits with what they are doing! If you haven’t had a chance to experience Linda Sturdivant you need to find out where she’s speaking next and be there!

Linda your class transformed me! I will continue to refer people to you because your program works!

Farita Toney

Attending Linda Sturdivant’s Effortless Phone Calling Mastery workshop, and implementing her tools is one of the major turning points in the success of my business. When I first started my business, I did not understand the importance of having strong sales skills in order to get new clients. Linda’s sales tools make it so easy and natural to make sales calls and have sales conversations with my prospective clients. I don’t feel like I’m being “salesy” or annoying at all. What I have learned is that a sales conversation is not like a regular conversation. It is a very specific conversation where specific points need to be made. Because of Linda, my confidence level has increased dramatically, because I know exactly what to say, and how to say it. Thank you Linda!

Suzanne BourgaultFounder & Technical Director, Express Yourself Websites.

Linda, thank you for being the guest speaker at last month’s Bliss Community Laugh & Learn Event. You totally supported everyone in the room: my guests with your awesome content, me with your expertise and yourself with your sales conversions. You came prepared with a handouts offering value that the attendees can refer to over and over again. Your offer was easy to follow and compelling so that people were confident in choosing to work with you more. My Bliss Community benefited in so many ways from your talk!

I have found the Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class to be exceptional.

Dorene Mahoney

I’ve been able to SUCCESSFULLY implement what I’ve learned from you – resulting in two new parties at the end of this month. Yes, it works!

Pam Morrison

I had such an exciting day today with this system! I was actually excited to make calls because I was organized and knew where I was going and what I was going to say! YAY!!

You are AWESOME!! Thank you for the call, that was so helpful and uplifting.

I already made my calls this morning while waiting for my flight to LAX (called my FL contacts because of the time difference). I can’t believe what a difference it has made just making 5 calls! The weight is lifted. Easy breezy, its fun again. I figured out that the ten calls were so hard because it was draining my energy…It was taking more energy than it was providing…who likes that. Now I look forward to it.

Bethany V

Linda, thank you so much for your presentation for our team today, I think I saw so many aha moments in the room. Can’t wait to see how everyone does with this new information.

Marianne C

I listened to your call and AM VERY THANKFUL for the information. It was well put and very helpful!!!

Jill S

Linda’s step by step process is so very easy to understand and follow, in addition to being easy to learn. She is fabulous!!!!!

Mary Ann L

Thank you so much Linda! It was so nice to meet you. I learned so much from our meeting, and I look forward to going through all of these great materials with the CDs!! I really appreciate this opportunity!

Katy H

Todays training was AWESOME. Extremely Great content. Thank You

Lynette T

Linda, I would just like to thank you again for today’s call. You really helped me gain some clarity and provided much needed encouragement. I am very excited about the training calls. I have had new possibilities floating in my brain all day. You truly have a servant’s heart.

Lizz L

I met Linda through her “Annihiliate Your Phone Calling Phobia” interview she did with Dana Wilde some months ago. I felt a personal connection with Linda and wanted to lean more of her phone calling strategy. Her phone system makes it so much easier to connect with my clients when I make phone calls. After taking part in her 4 week Effortless Phone Calling Mastery I decided to “bite the bullet” and sign up with Linda for her one year Superstar Coaching program. I have learned that Linda is more than a business coach. She is a “life” coach. I have had a rough 2012 and Linda supported and coached me through some very difficult times. It is a blessing to me to have Linda on my team and to have her friendship and support in my life and for my business!

Candi D

I just wanted to say Thank You for doing the conference call last night for my team. Sometimes they just need to hear someone else other than their director! I appreciate you taking the time.

Cindy H

I have listened to quite a few direct-sales talks, and although I have gleaned something from all of them, yours is clearly the best. It has given me what I needed, when I needed it, and has made an immediate impact. As I am able to implement it more and more, I know I will see a huge benefit. Thanks again.

Jeannette W

Thanks, Linda. I really liked the info that was presented and how to engage the other person without being “sales-y”! That is part of what makes me uncomfortable. I never really know how to just have a conversation with them and get around going right to “party” or “buy.”

Trudy H

Namasté Linda:

Thank you so much for lovingly sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience with me; I appreciate it immensely! I sincerely believe that the super valuable information and coaching that you offered to me will be incredibly helpful and truly contribute to the growth of my business.

With my most sincere, heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your help and support,


In just the short time I have spent with you I feel like I have already learned so much and have more confidence. Well worth the money spent. You have a personable, down to earth approach that is easy to work with. Your Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class will benefit the new and seasoned consultant.

Laurie W

I just want you to know I think you are an amazing coach and will continue to be– honored to have worked with you!

Alison R

Wasn’t Linda Sturdivant great? Her check list sheet on new products gave me several ideas about how to call and approach people about my business.

Joan S

You are a great coach and your prices are very reasonable, as well.


Great job on the training call and hand out! You should get the Stanley Cup for Speakers-Trainers Award!

Mary G

I’ve been working with Linda Sturdivant for six months now and in that time I promoted from a manager three levels to director. It’s directly related to the mentoring I received from Linda. I have learned strategies from her such as preparing before a call, using a script that asks questions to find out my customer’s needs and finding ways to meet them. She’s warm, helpful, but holds me accountable for the goals that I set. Knowing I have to share with her my wins and my challenges each week keeps me on track towards my dreams of growing my business.

Barbra O

I want to honestly share how impressed I am with your level of support and encouragement. You are exceeding ALL my expectations…so a big thank you!

Heather S