3 Steps to Decrease Show Cancellations

Reduce cancellations Do you get frustrated by Show Cancellations?

Shows are the foundation of a Party Plan Business.  No shows = no business!  These three steps are like an Insurance Policy to make sure your scheduled shows turn in to actual shows!

1)  Followup every booking with an immediate Thank You Phone Call on the morning after you schedule the show.  You can be sure that your new hostess went home after booking the show with you and immediately became immersed in her own life again.  The kids needed to be tucked in, lunches need to be made and within moments she has forgotten all about her show!  When she receives your Thank You call the next day it puts that show right back on the top of her mind.

2) Send a Thank You Note immediately following the phone call.   How often do you get a hand written card in the mail these days?  It’s a real treat and your new hostess will feel really appreciated when she receives it.

3) Always get her Guest List within the first week.  Your new hostess’s enthusiasm for her show is at it’s peak during the first few days after booking her show.  Take advantage of it by getting your on-line invitation set up and encourage her to get her guests invited immediately.

Make these 3 steps a habit for every show you schedule and watch your calendar fill up and stay filled up!