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You hear the clock ticking. The minute hand is steadily moving closer to the 12. Your stomach tightens Vague waves of nausea wash over you. Suddenly the voice in your head says, “That toilet really needs to be cleaned.” I bet you know what time it is. That’s right it’s time to make Customer Calls. Discover a proven Phone Calling Strategy that takes the dread out of phone calls and enables you to create the results you want!


Linda is a sought after speaker who delivers incredible value to group of sales professionals. Her speeches inspire, motivate and transform audiences from being afraid to pick up the phone to inspired action and amazing results. Linda is a speaker and coach with over 19 years experience in professional sales, with vast experience in professional sales, a dynamic personality and expertise making her the ideal choice for your next event.

Book Linda now by calling 408 265-4147, emailing Linda@NoPhoneFear.com or click here to schedule a 15 or 30 minute consultation with Linda regarding your speaking engagement.”

Attendee’s Learn:
How to Develop Your Own Phone Calling Strategy
How to Take the Dread out of Talking on the Phone
How to Get the Result you Crave in Your Direct Sales
How to Encorporate Linda’s Lighthearted & Humorous Style