Sales Training: From Enthusiasm to Skill

Why Sales Training is Important

Sales training is essential for most direct sellers because they aren’t professional sales people. If you are like most direct sellers, your story is similar to this one. You attended a home show and fell in love with the product. After watching the consultant do her presentation, you thought, “I could do that.” During the presentation you heard how you could actually earn money, get out of the house, be with adults, and even have the opportunity to earn a vacation. You think, “Wow, that’s for me!” So you took the plunge and signed up to be a consultant. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your friends all hosted shows. It was fun and sales were great! But lately, you’ve noticed that your show sales are slipping. What’s going on?

Enthusiasm is a great sales tool. Unfortunately, after you’ve done a few shows, it starts to become repetitive and your enthusiasm subsides. Sales trainings are a great to a few more tools to your sales toolbox.

Sales Training: Boost Your Home Show Sales

  1. Get the guests to your shows. High sales begin with getting people to the show and the hostess is the key to the guest list. Many hostesses start to have second thoughts when they think about getting free products in exchange for inviting their friends over. Training your hostess is critical. Here’s how: stay in touch and keep her focused on what her guests are going to get: a great night out and a fun experience. Help her build a big guest list and get her invitations out immediately. I suggest sending the invitations for her to make sure it happens.
  2. Greet every guest when they arrive and begin learning names. Use name tags if you need to. Allow time for mingling before starting your presentation to get to know your guests.
  3. Start every show with an ice breaker activity. It helps put people into a party mood and loosens them up.
  4. Give them a taste, a sample or at least get their hands on the product. How many times have you purchased a product because you got to taste it at Trader Joe’s or Costco? The same is true at a home show: pass around products as you talk about them. Let them try on the bracelet or use the cooking tool. Sales training tip: give them just a taste, not the whole thing – you want them to be hungry enough to buy.
  5. Assume they are going to place an order: at the end of your presentation, hand each person a catalog and an order form. Be available and offer to answer questions during the shopping time.
  6. Full Service Checkout. Create a place to take orders away from the group so you can pay full attention to each customer. Scan the order form, compliment them on their choices and offer additional items that work with the items they have selected. Thank them for the sale and ask them when they would like to host their show (again, presume they want a show, they had so much fun at this show after all!).

Master this 6 step sales training and you’ll be enjoy consistently good show sales.

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