Earn Money: Increase Your Income By Developing Your Direct Sales Team

How to Develop a Direct Sales Team

Team sales the top way to earn money in the direct sales industry. It starts by recruiting new team members. Once you’ve got them on the team, use this 5 step plan to get them trained and productive:

  1. Initial training: get your new recruit started off right by helping her set business goals. Ask her: how much money does she want to earn? What will she use it for? If she isn’t excited about her goal, then when the going gets tough, she’ll be gone. Teach the basics of the business including: how to use the company training resources and how to schedule and do a show. Make sure she understands the compensation plan so she knows what’s required to earn money. In addition, take all new recruits along with you to at least one show to learn by watching you.
  2. Quick start event: Get your new recruit to schedule her first show as soon as possible. Nothing motivates like earning money immediately. Encourage her to host it herself and to invite all of her friends. And, more importantly, ask them to each bring a friend. Encourage your new recruit to prepare and practice her presentation prior to the event and to create note cards for reference.
  3. Individual mentoring: schedule a regular time to talk to your new recruit for 15 to 30 minutes weekly for at least the first 6 weeks. Make sure she is completing enough activities will earn money.
  4. Group trainings: Monthly team meetings are a great way to leverage your time and earn more because you can work with your whole team as a group. Make sure to include the following in each team meeting:
    1. Provide recognition to your top sales performers – give out certificates and public recognition.
    2. Offer motivation to everyone by recognizing small accomplishments like “stepping outside your comfort zone.” Ask team members to volunteer to share their “stepping out” stories. Have everyone vote for the person who stepped out the most bravely in the past month. Present the winner with an award. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. For example we have a team “shoe” that gets passed around to each monthly “stepping out” winner. It’s silly, fun and surprisingly motivational.
    3. Provide time either before or after the meeting for team members to mingle and get to know each other. Camaraderie is one of the best ways to retain your team members.
    4. Always include training at each team meeting to increase skills. For example, ideas how to set goals, meet new customers, increase sales, booking and recruiting. Teach your team how to earnmore by recruiting and developing their own teams.
    5. Encourage team members to get involved in creating the meeting. Anything from volunteering to bring a snack, an ice breaker activity or business training is a wonderful way to get people involved. In addition, it helps develop more leaders in the group.
    6. Finally, foster open discussions about business topics. The ideas generated by a group of like-minded people can be incredibly creative and provide immense value to everyone.
  5. Corporate events: Always attend corporate events and encourage your team members to attend also. Show them how attending corporate events can help them earn money in the long run. Schedule time together at the event to encourage camaraderie.

How can I earn money from team development?

By providing recognition, motivation and training, your team members will become more effective consultants and sellers. And, as they earn money so will you.

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