Direct Sales Training: How to Find New Customers

This simple direct sales training will teach you how to keep a constant stream of new customers flowing into your business. In this training we will focus on how toidentify, locate and engage your ideal customer.

Why find new customers?

All businesses need a constant flow of new customers. No matter how wonderful your product, the reality is that customers come and go for a variety of reasons. This 3 step direct sales training will keep your business healthy with an abundance of new customers.

Direct Sales Training: Identify, Locate and Engage Your Ideal Customer

  1. Identify Your Ideal Customer

Make a list of everything you know about your ideal customer. For example: age, sex, marital status, number of children, where she lives, hobbies and so forth. Using this information, create a very specific description of your ideal customer. For example: my ideal customer is a married woman with children who is interested in making nutritious and delicious meals quickly.

  1. Locate Your Ideal Customer

Make a list of places to find your ideal customer: the grocery store, at schools, at events that cater to children and so on. Next, visit those places with time to have a few conversations.

  1. Engage Your Ideal Customer

Sincere compliments are a great way to start a conversation with a new person. For example: “Your children are so well behaved.” Next, ask a simple and direct question, for example:“Do you shop here often?” If she seems to be receptive, carry on the conversation until you’ve established rapport.

Next, ask a very specific question to identify potential interest in your product. For example: “What do you find most challenging about cooking for your family?” Next, find out if she is open to a solution. For example: “Would you be open to learning new ways to make nutritious and interesting meals in about 30 minutes?” If she says, “yes” then offer to get together with her and show her how. Be prepared with a note pad to take down her contact information and also hand her your business card.

Follow-up is crucial.Make sure and call her within a day or two while the conversation is still fresh in her mind. Offer to get together with her and her friends and show her how to make delicious and nutritious meals in about 30 minutes. When you’ve established value by sharing ideas, sales will follow.

The best direct sales trainings will teach you to create relationships and provide value to potential customers before you ever do any business with them. Make this3 step direct sales training a habit and you’ll always have new customers flowing into your business.

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