Direct Sales Team: Boost Your Earnings by Building Your Team

What is a Direct Sales Team?

A direct sales team is the group of independent consultants recruited by a consultant leader, and the consultants that each person under the leader recruits. Teams can be as small as one person and as many as thousands or hundreds of thousands.

Why Build a Direct Sales Team?

The key to high earnings in the direct sales industry is in building a team. In direct sales, you can earn money two ways: personal sales and team sales. Since you are only one person, there is a limit to the number of personal sales presentations you can do; therefore there is a limit to the amount of personal sales you can achieve. On the other hand, as a leader you can continue to bring new people into the business indefinitely and earn commissions on their sales. Initially the commissions are small, but as your team groups the commission rates go up. Combined with the growing number of team members, your income will rise dramatically.

How to Become a Direct Sales Team Leader

A team leader is simply a consultant who brings more consultants into the company. This process is called recruiting. It can happen by chance: a guest at a presentation asks to sign up. And it can happen intentionally by offering the opportunity and following up with people who are interested. Since the initial commissions on downline are small, the way to make money is to bring lots of consultants onto your team, provide training, motivation and on-going support.

Here’s a 5 step plan to build your direct sales team:

  1. Do a lot of presentations: to find potential recruits it is essential that you are meeting with lots of new people each month.
  2. Incorporate a recruiting talk into each presentation. The reality is that most people have no idea how the direct sales industry works, how much money can be made and how to get involved. It’s your job to tell them.
  3. Ask each customer. When a customer places an order at your show, make sure and ask her about her interest in the opportunity to be a consultant. Start with a sincere compliment such as “Suzy, I really enjoyed meeting you tonight. You are so fun to be around.” Then invite her to learn, like this: “You know, people like you often do very well in our business. I’d love to get together with you and tell you more about it. Would you be open to meeting for 15 minutes sometime?” Then, schedule a time to get together either in person or on the phone.
  4. Follow up with customers who are interested. During your follow up appointment make sure to start by getting to know her first. Ask:
    1. Have you ever done anything like this before?
    2. Ask about her current life situation: family, occupation, hobbies and interests.
    3. Then give her a quick thumbnail sketch of the opportunity customized to her interests. Answer any questions she might have.
  5. Provide support
    1. Initial training
    2. First 6 weeks mentoring
    3. Monthly team meetings
    4. Coaching and follow up

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be delighted to see your team grow. Maintain consistency and over time, you’ll see your earnings skyrocket!

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