Direct Sales Parties: The Secret to Higher Sales!

You are a master at presenting your products at your direct sales parties. You know everyone is having a great time, because they are smiling, visiting and laughing. Yet, time after time you are leaving with discouragingly low sales. Here’s a strategy that is guaranteed to boost sales, bookings and recruiting too!

Your Guests are Ready to Party:

As a direct seller, you know that a great party is the foundation to great sales. So you set the stage for an exciting party experience – lots of friends, an inviting venue and a fun, interactive presentation! You love your products and find the presentation easy. Catalogs and order forms are handed out and you prepare to collect orders! After a several minutes, a few guests hand you their order forms as they continue talking with their friends. You barely get a chance to ask “will that be cash, check or charge?” And, before you know it you hear “It’s getting late and I’d better get home.” And out file the guests one by one. What happened?

The Secret to Higher Sales:

The secret to higher sales at your direct sales party is surprisingly simple — get your guests away from the group while you take their orders; I call it the “Full Service Checkout” it’s simple and direct. And you’ll be providing a higher level of service at the same time! Here’s how:

Before the Your Direct Sales Party:

  1. Identify a spot away from the group to collect orders. It could be in the same room or a separate room.
  2. Make the space look inviting – use a table cloth and set up a small display of products when possible.
  3. Have everything you need ready, including:
    1. Business supplies: calculator, catalog and order forms
    2. Flyers about current specials
    3. Hostess packets
    4. Recruiting packets

During the Party:

  1. Give your guest’s something to write on during the presentation so they can jot down the items that are of interest to them. It could be the order form or a wish list.
  2. Pay attention to people. Watch what they like. Ask yourself, what would make them a great hostess or consultant?
  3. Circulate around the room during shopping time to answer questions and offer suggestions.
  4. When a guest hands you her order form, invite her to come and sit down with you.

At Checkout Time:

  1. Scan the order form and compliment her on her choices.
  2. Make sure she’s ordered everything she needs to be successful. For example, if she ordered a stamp set did she get an ink pad to go with it?
  3. Make suggestions of other products that would enhance her choices. For example, the bracelet that matches the earrings she selected.
  4. Ask if she is interested in taking advantage of the company’s current special, if applicable.
  5. Tell her why you’d sincerely love to have her on your team and schedule a time to get together with her to give her more information about your companies opportunity.
  6. Book a show with her. For example, say “when would you like to do your show?”

Create your own full service checkout and you’ll find higher sales at your direct sales parties every time!

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