Direct Sales Consultant: Own Your Own Business

What is a Direct Sales Consultant?

A direct sales consultant is an independent contractor who signs an agreement with a direct sales company to market and sell the product as an independent business owner. The direct sales model leverages the idea that when people are excited about a product they naturally want to share it with their friends. Well known examples of direct sales companies include Avon, Tupperware and Mary Kay.

Why Should Anyone Become a Direct Sales Consultant?

There are many attractive reasons to becoming a direct sales consultant including:

  1. It is an opportunity that is available to every adult regardless of age, race, education or experience.
  2. Start up costs are usually remarkably low; often well under $500.
  3. By representing a product you love, you’ll make new friends with common interests.
  4. You develop new skills as an independent business owner, such as how to be an effective public speaker, creating rapport with a variety of different kinds of people, goal setting, time management and leadership to name just a few.
  5. Rewards are immediate and direct in the form of commissions on your personal sales.
  6. Additional recognition and a variety of rewards including free products, on-stage recognition, cash, incentive trips and sometimes even cars are available to anyone willing to work hard.
  7. It’s flexible. If you want to grow your business this year then scale back due to family obligations next year, the requirements to stay involved are usually very manageable.
  8. Direct sellers get deep discounts on product they love.
  9. Direct sales companies provide a wide variety of training and support that are not typically available to independent business owners. From telephone support to conference call and on-line training to extravagant annual conventions, consultants have an abundance of choices.
  10. Direct sales leaders provide additional and more personalized recognition and training. Plus they make it fun to be part of a team.
  11. Direct sales leaders also have an enormous income potential directly under their control by recruiting and training more team members.
  12. Costs involved in running your home based business provide attractive tax deductions to two earner families. Expenses such as vehicle mileage to a proportion of your home are all potential tax deductions and can really add up to make a major impact on your income tax liability.

From the stay at home mom who “wants to get out of the house and be with other adults” to the goal oriented and achievement driven entrepreneur, direct sales is an appealing option.

How to Become a Direct Sales Consultant

There are literally thousands of direct sales companies ranging from skin care, health supplements, jewelry, candles, scrapbooking, clothing to pre-paid legal services. Most direct sales consultants get involved with their company when they attend a show or party. They fall in love with the product and use their enthusiasm to launch their new business. If direct sales is appealing to you, I recommend identifying the products you are most enthusiastic about and finding a company that markets and sells them using the direct sales model.

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