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Direct Sales: 3 Step Sales Success System

Do you feel like you work 24/7 on your direct sales business and yet make very little real progress toward your sales and recruiting goals? The reason is that most direct sellers lack focus on the activities that earn money, the “income producing activities.” When it comes right down to it, the only way to earn money in direct sales is to meet with and talk to people. The key is to talk to enough people. How much is enough? Here’s system that will help you figure that out.

Direct Sales Goal Achievement

If you want to make progress on a goal, it’s essential that you break down the goal into bite size pieces or “steps.” Figure out the number of these individual “steps” it takes to achieve the goal and schedule them into your business. Seems simple, doesn’t it. But it can be challenging when “talking to and meeting with people” are your “steps.” Here’s an idea that works!

What gets Measured is Improved.

The secret is both simple and direct: keep track of your income producing activities and give yourself points. Then compare the points to your income to determine how much activity is needed to produce the results you want. Schedule and complete that amount of activity and you’ll achieve your goal. Follow this simple 3 step plan:

1) Track Your Activity

Use a blank calendar page as your tracking sheet. Each day, track your income producing activities on the current day of the calendar as follows:

  • Each time you attempt to talk to someone about your business (e.g. you dial the phone or approach them in person), make a circle: O.
  • Each time you actually talk to a person about your business, put a slash across the circle.
  • Each time you make a sale or schedule a party put an X through the circle.
  • For each party or appointment that holds draw a box.
  • For each party or appointment that holds and has sales or results in a new recruit signing up draw a box and put an X through it.
  • When you get a recruit lead at a party, circle the box.

2) Score Your Activity

At the end of each day, calculate your points as follows:

Circle O = 1 point

Circle with slash= 15 points

Circle with X= 50 points

Box  = 25 points

Box with X= 50 points

Box with X and circled= 100 points

Here’s an example week:

sample week image

The total is: 350+50+100+50 = 550 points for the week.

3) Calculate your Earnings per Point

Add up how much you earned in your direct sales business for the week and divide by the number of points you earned. The result is how much you earn per point. For example, if you earned $550 and 550 points, you earned a $1 per point. If you earned $900 then you earned $1.64 per point.

Points and earnings will vary over the weeks, so I recommend keeping track of your points and earnings over a number of weeks, to get a more accurate point value. Then all you need to do is schedule enough point earning activities to create the income you want from your direct sales business!

Your Success Is My Goal,