More Time!


Do you feel like you are busy all the time but never get anything done?

Are you constantly playing catch up?

Do you feel like you need an extra 8 hours in your day?

It is possible to actually create time in your day.  I’m not taking about a time machine.  I’m talking about leveraging the time you have to get more done.

Does that sound impossible?

It’s not.  Research shows that for every hour you spend planning, you get 3 hours in return.  Here are three examples:

  1. Create time by planning your weekly menu and making a shopping list.  You have created time by making fewer trips to the store each week.
  2.  Create time by doing all your errands on one day, instead of making separate trips to the grocery store, bank and post office.  You have created time that you can use in another way.
  3.  Create time by planning your business activities in logical groupings and spend less time spent procrastinating.   You have created time that you can use in another way.

Here’s how to get your planning under control and get the results you want.

Once a week spend 20 to 30 minutes planning the week, using this 5 step system.

Create three columns on a sheet of paper and label column 1: “Capture”, column 2: “Results and Why” and column 3: “Actions”.

  1.  Capture – in column 1 write down everything you need to do this week.  Just write it down like you are brainstorming – no editing, prioritizing or arguing about what’s important.
  2. Outcome think about what you want to accomplish this week, what are your “outcomes” for the week?   Your outcomes must inspire you – this is NOT a “to do” list.  For example – “book 3 parties” or “clean the house” isn’t inspiring.  “Create Financial Abundance” or “Create a Nurturing Environment” is inspiring.  Write your “Outcomes” in the middle column, leaving some space after each one.  Circle each Outcome.   By circling the result it creates a “Target” for your eye to settle on when you look at the page.   Below each circled outcome, jot down one or two reasons you want to accomplish this outcome.
  3. Write down Actions you can take to accomplish your Outcomes in column three.   Your actions could be some or all of the items on your Capture List, plus additional actions that you think of.  Determine your absolute MUSTS.  Put a    star next to the Must Do items.  Keep in mind that 20% of your actions result in 80% of your results – so make sure you are doing the most important things.
  4. Create Blocks of Time to accomplish your actions by specifically scheduling time to do them in your day planner for the week.  Group similar items together (such as running errands, or making phone calls).  Make a commitment to following your plan.
  5. Celebrate! Cross things off as you accomplish them.  Feel good when you’ve finished your day.  You’ve done the right things, instead of just keeping busy!

You have just created time for yourself.  Create time for yourself on a weekly basis and your results will sky rocket, with days that are more productive, less stressful and end with a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done.

Time Mastery


  1. Linda, These are some great tips. Thank you. I especially support blocking out time. that is key.

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