Downline: Increase Your Income By Building Your Direct Sales Team

What is a downline?

In the direct sales industry, when you recruit a new person into the business, they are known as your “downline.”

Why recruit downline into the business?

Direct sales companies reward you for recruiting and supporting team members by paying you a percentage of each downline’s sales in override commissions. The percentage is normally low to begin with but the more you recruit, the higher the percentage becomes. Combined with a greater number of team members, this can be tremendously lucrative with a minimal time commitment on your part.

How to recruit people into your downline

The number one way to recruit new downline is to offer the consultant opportunity during your sales presentations. Create a habit of asking each customer as she places her order about getting together to give her more information. Always begin with a sincere compliment about why you think she would be a good fit with your company. For example: “Mary, you were so much fun tonight and people really enjoy being around you.” Pause and let her reply. “Your people skills would really make you a great consultant. I’d love to get together with you to give you more information about it. When would be a good time for you?”

You can conduct the interview on the phone or in person. Create a standard format for your recruiting interviews. Here’s an example:

  1. Get to know her: Explain that it’s important for you to get to know her so you can customize the information to her situation and personal interests. Ask questions, jot down a few notes and ask follow-up questions when appropriate:
      1. Previous experience: Have you ever been involved in direct sales before?
      2. Current life situation: Family and occupation.
      3. Motivation: What do you and your family enjoy doing for recreation? What would make your life perfect right now?
  2. Money: tell her about how much money she can make and minimum sales requirements.
  3. Training: explain how consultants are trained and supported.
  4. Products: discuss why your products are easy to sell.
  5. Cost: Explain the startup costs.
  6. Getting started: Tell her that getting started is as easy as ABC: A – fill out the application, B – build a list of people she knows and C – start contacting everyone.
  7. Questions: Ask her if she has any questions about what you’ve told her. Make sure you’ve answered all her questions before you more on to step 8.
  8. Close the deal.
      1. Ask her the following question: “On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not interested at all and 10 being sign me up now), what is your interest level right now?”
      2. If she says anything other than 1, ask her “what would it take to make it a 10?” Jot down what she says and then ask “anything else?” Continue to ask her “anything else?” until she say “that’s about it.” Then address each issue she brought up one by one. Always begin by acknowledging it as a real issue; don’t try to discount anything she says.
      3. The number one issue is usually “I have to discuss it with my husband.” Ask her, “What do you think your husband will want to know?” Then give her the answers so she is prepared for the discussion. Ask when does she expect to discuss it with her husband and make an appointment to talk to her on the phone shortly after that time.
      4. If she keeps wavering, say, “ I don’t think this opportunity is for everyone and you know, ______________ (insert her name), I could tell you all day long why you would be great at this and how it fits in with your life. But, in reality, the only way to find out is to … (pause and let her fill in the blank).
      5. If she says “No,” then ask “Is that “No not now, or no never?” If she says “No, not now,” then ask her when would be a good time check in with her again?

What’s Next?

Once she signs up the adventure begins. Encourage her to take the company’s start-up training. Arrange to meet with her (in person or on the phone) at least once a week for the first 6 weeks while she gets her business up and running. Invite her to your team meetings. Before you know it your new downline will be a productive member of your team. Make this process a regular part of your direct sales business and watch your income grow.

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