Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class

Imagine making sale after sale and living the life you’ve always dreamed of, without barriers or boundaries. Imagine living an extraordinary life rich with success and fulfilling personal relationships. Because it’s not logically feasible to meet with every potential client in person, effective phone skills are the key to success. With a proven system that has worked for countless others, you can make the most of your valuable time by working smarter and getting more done in less time. Click here for the upcoming class schedule

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Synergy Group Coaching

One challenge I’ve noticed with many of my clients is that they just aren’t getting on the phone enough. The Synergy Group Phone Coaching program includes twice a month group coaching sessions with Linda Sturdivant, where you will prepare to make phone calls, actually make phone calls then celebrate your success. You will receive targeted coaching on how to make the best possible phone call, based on building rapport and serving the needs you uncover during your phone call. Click here to see the schedule.

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Private Coaching

Learn proven strategies for success from someone who’s already accomplished the goal you’ve set for yourself. Be held accountable. Get feedback about what is working and fix what isn’t. Once you have created and customized your phone calling script and tried it out, the one-to-one private coaching sessions with Linda Sturdivant will take your sales skills to the next level by helping you fine tune your strategy. Ask your questions. Learn how to handle unexpected responses. Learn new strategies for unique situations. Find out how to start a conversation at a networking event to create a warm lead for your product or service. Multi-session discounts available. For additional information click here to schedule a 30 minute consultation with Linda.

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Annihilate Your Phone Calling Phobia and More!

Your time is extremely valuable, so instead of trying to work harder, I’ll show you exactly how to work smarter. One of the most important concepts in the training is leverage. You see, if you know how to focus on your most important tasks, you can earn more and work less!

The core training is delivered on 5 online audio Cdsand/or MP3 files. You can play them online or download them to your favorite device and listen to them in your car, on your bike, at the gym, walking the dog, etc.