About Linda

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Linda Sturdivant

Linda Sturdivant is a direct sales professional with 19+ years experience. She booked the occasional show and purchased products for herself Then, she decided to quit her full time job to be home with her kids, and work on her direct sales business full time so she could send her kids to college. Through trial and error, she discovered how to use the phone to create rapport with her clients and provide value to them.

Hi, I’m Linda Sturdivant.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself and respond to the question you probably already have in your mind. Who is Linda Sturdivant?

I am a direct sales professional with 19 years experience. I was not an overnight success. For the first 5 years of my career, I was a “hobbiest.” I booked the occasional show and made up my minimum sales requirements with my own personal purchases.

I was working as a labor and delivery nurse on the evening shift (3 PM to 11 PM) and I loved helping people have babies. I worked 3 to 4 days a week and three weekends a month. That left time to “dabble” in direct sales.

Then one day something happened. Our youngest son was struggling in school. He was going to need additional support with his studies from us. So, I announced that I was going to quit my job to make sure our son was successful in school. My husband asked, “How will we send the kids to college if you aren’t working?” I replied, “I’ll work my direct sales business and save money for college.” I intended to work my direct sales business around my family’s schedule.

I was determined, but really didn’t know how to build my business. I tried all the ideas I could find. I read books, listened to audios, watched videos and attended training events. It was challenging to say the least. I “stepped outside my comfort zone” over and over again. Yet, something was missing. My results were sporadic at best.

Then I discovered how to use the phone to create rapport with my clients and provide value right over the phone. It was just a few adjustments to what I’d been doing but it made all the difference. Instead of dreading the phone, I was looking forward to connecting with my clients and finding out how I could be of service to them. And it saved me so much time, too!

  • Would you like to discover how to invest 15 to 30 minutes a day and fill your calendar with bookings.
  • Would you like to feel happy and satisfied with your phone calls instead of dreading them?
  • Are you ready to take total control over your results whether it be earning the next incentive trip, paying off credit cards or putting your kids through college?

Why Should You Believe That I Can Help You?

Honestly, you shouldn’t “just believe me.”

In fact, I would recommend that you approach my approach with a healthy skepticism, and a perspective that there should be proof of something before you truly “believe.”

That’s why I offer lots of ways for you to TRY what I have to offer before you commit to anything.

First – get the Annihilate Your Phone Calling Phobia Quick Start System by entering your email address in the box to the right.

Second – Try out the system on your own. Jot down questions and join me on my monthly Live Q & A call.

Third – If you decide you need additional support to master the skill, then consider signing up for coaching. Programs are available in group and individual formats depending on your person needs starting from an amazing $97 for 1 month.

And, each and every one of my programs and products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To your success,
Linda Sturdivant
Direct Sales Master Coach and
Owner, Annihilate Your Phone Calling Phobia