5 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement

goal settingYou’ve heard it over and over, that goals are essential in the success of a home based business. Your goals are defined and they are written down.  What’s next?

5 Steps to Successful Goal Achievement

1. Check to make sure your goals are SMART:

Are your business goals SMART goals?  Here’s what I mean:

  1.  Specific – when you state your goal to another person does it create a picture in their mind?  Earn more is vague; earn $50,000 or more net this year is specific.
  2. Measurable – how will you know when you achieve the goal?  Can someone else compare your goal sheet to your results and see that you’ve accomplished the goal?  For example, can you add up all your business income and it equals $50,000 or more net?
  3. Attainable – Do you believe it’s possible?  Do you have the resources you need (such as a computer, training, knowledge)?  If not, do you know where to get the resources you need?  If you don’t believe it, it won’t happen.
  4. Relevant – Is it important to you?  Are you excited about achieving this goal?  Do you want this goal so much that you’ll do what it takes to achieve it?  Think about the challenges you may encounter in your home based business and ask yourself if you want this enough to overcome the challenges?
  5. Timely – Specifically, when will you achieve this goal?

2.  Keep Your Goals Front and Center

Put reminders of your goal around your workspace, in the car and around your home.  Pictures are ideal as they act as subliminal reminders of what you are working toward.  For example, put up pictures of Maui or the exact make and model of the new car you’re going to buy with your income.  If financial security is your goal, create bank statement with the exact amount of money you want to have in reserve.

3.  Define Specific Action Steps

Brainstorm as many specific action steps you can to achieve your home based business goal.  For example, decide how much you need to earn each month and then figure out how much and what kind of activity you achieve that goal.  For example, how many home parties or presentations are required?  Or how many people do you need to talk to in a week?  Make sure your action steps are specific and measurable; and that they are based on reliable data.

4.  Schedule Your Action

You are the boss in your home based business, so create the structure you’ll need to be successful.  Open up your business calendar and make a decision when you’ll do the action steps you’ve decided will accomplish your goal.  For example, if you know you need to do 3 parties a week then decide which days you’ll do parties and block those times out in the calendar.  If you need to make a certain number of phone calls a week, then decide what days and times you’ll make the calls.

5. Set up Accountability for Yourself.

Finally, set up accountability for yourself. Decide what consequences you’ll dole out to yourself if you don’t take the action steps.  For example, if you don’t have 3 parties scheduled in a week, then you’ll spend the time you would have been doing a party to make customer calls, or attending a networking event to meet potential new clients.  Think about what will motivate you and set up a system to reward or punish yourself.  For example, 1 hour of TV time for making 1 hour of customer calls.  Then be a good boss – don’t watch TV until you make the calls!

Make it a habit to implement these five steps and your goal achievement will be part of the standard operating procedure in your home based business!

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