5 Step Customer Connection Calls


the opening imageYour first goal is to get a simple response. Here‟s an example: “Hi, may I speak to Mary please.” She says “This is Mary.”

Obtain permission to take her time. Your goal is to get 2 to 3 “yes” responses and obtain permission to talk to her. For example: “Hi Mary, It‟s Linda Sturdivant calling.” She says, “Yes?” “You may recall you met me at Suzi‟s CTMH show in June?” She says, “Oh, yes, I remember.” “Do you have a quick minute?” She says “yes.” You can now move on to Step 2*.

STEP 2: THE REASON** Give her a reason for your call today. For example, “I wanted to thank you for attending Suzi‟s show last week.” (allow her to respond) “You know, I find it‟s difficult to get to know people very well in a party situation. Would you be open to chatting with me about SBing and paper crafting this morning?”


Ask 3 questions*** and really listen to her replies; for example:
woman listening image

  1. Ask a simple question, e.g.: “are you a scrapbooker or card maker?”
  2. Get her talking: “Are you getting as much done as you’d like?”
  3. Get her Dreaming: “If you could wave a magic wand and make it perfect, what would that look like?”

Use active listening to reflect back her answers (in particular her positive emotions).  Listen carefully to find out Why she scrapbooks and/or paper crafts – what does she love about it?  What needs is she identifying?  Take Notes!  Her answers will reveal to you how she can benefit from what you have to offer in your business.

Reflect back what you heard and let her clarify. For example: “what I think I heard you says is that if you had your own scrapbooking room and could leave your projects spread out so you could go in a scrapbook even when you have just a few moments, that would be a dream come true.”  “Is that right?”  “Anything else?”  Keep asking until she says “that’s about it.”

Do NOT move to Step 4 until you have heard a “chat with a girlfriend” sound in her voice.  This is KEY!



Some of your greatest clients will take multiple contacts. Keep following up! Make sure you always go through the entire phone call system; especially establishing rapport.

*IF SHE SAYS “NO” at any point in the phone calls, say “is that „No, not now’ or ‘No, never?‟” If she says “No, not now,” then ask permission to contact her again in the future. I like to say, “May I call you again on ____________ (be specific, such as “Thursday evening?”)?” or “Would you like me to check back with you in a week, a month or a year?”


I‟m calling you today because I‟m working on improving my business and I‟d love to get your opinions of products or services that would be of interest to you.

I‟m calling you today because I haven‟t had a chance to talk to you in quite a while and I‟d love to find out how you are doing with your scrapbooking (and/or paper crafting).


Question 1 is always super simple like:

“Are you more of a scrapbooker or card maker?”

“Do you have any questions about Close To My Heart or anything I said at _________ „s gathering?”

“Have you ever worked with Close To My Heart products before?”

Question 2 is designed to get her to talk about herself:

“How are you doing with your scrapbooking/card making/paper crafting (pick one)? Are you getting as much done as you‟d like?”

“Have you been scrapbooking for a long time?”

“What do you enjoy most about scrapbooking?”

This is KEY >>>> Keep active listening until you hear a change in the tone of their voice that sounds like you are having a chat with a friend. Remember different people have different personalities and you might get that feeling immediately or it might take a little while. Be patient if necessary. If they speak noticeably faster or slower than you do, then adjust your speech to their speed. This is another rapport builder.

Question 3 is designed to get them dreaming:

“If I could wave a magic wand and make it perfect, what would that look like.”

Note: they will almost always pause before answering question 3 so you‟ve got to be patient.