Understand what your clients really need.

Find a need and fill it!

Do you have customers who are saying “I love your products!”  Then follow with a “Not now?”  What do you do?

Questions are the Answer!

Before you end the conversation, ask if you can ask one “quick” question.

Here’s an example.  I was speaking to a gal the other day who said “I would love to have a show, but I’m so busy we may have to wait until the end of summer or beginning of fall.”  Then I said, we’ll when you do have your show, what will work better for you a weekend or a weekday?  And before I knew it she was booking a show in the third week of June!

Don’t try to overcome objections, instead ask a better question.  Like, well what would work.  Here are a few examples:

Customer: I’d love to host a show, but my kids will be home all summer long.

You:  Well, if you were to book a show, what would work?  Perhaps a weekend or a week day evening?

When people bring up objections it means they are focusing on what they don’t have.  If you can help refocus them onto what they do have, then you’ve opened a door of possibilities.  They may or may not walk through that door, but at least it’s an opening!

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