Women Entrepreneurs!

  • Frustrated with sales results?
  • Hate to make sales phone calls?
  • Don’t know what to say?
  • Afraid to be pushy or alienate people?


Women Direct Sellers!

  • Don’t know how to book parties and appointments?
  • Need more recruits but don’t want to be pushy?
  • Awkward and low sales on checkout?
  • Frustrated because people don’t call you back?


Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class

Imagine making sale after sale and living the life you’ve always dreamed of, without barriers or boundaries. Imagine living an extraordinary life rich with success and fulfilling personal relationships. Because it’s not logically … More

Synergy Group Coaching

One challenge I’ve noticed with many of my clients is that they just aren’t getting on the phone enough. The Synergy Group Phone Coaching program includes twice a month group coaching sessions with Linda Sturdivant, where you will … More

Private Coaching

Learn proven strategies for success from someone who’s already accomplished the goal you’ve set for yourself. Be held accountable. Get feedback about what is working and fix what isn’t. Once you have created and customized your … More

What Her Clients Say

Extremely Great content

Todays training was AWESOME. Extremely Great content. Thank You

Lynette T

I saw so many aha moments in the room

Linda, thank you so much for your presentation for our team today, I think I saw so many aha moments in the room. Can’t wait to see how everyone does with this new information.

Marianne C

Yes, it works!

I’ve been able to SUCCESSFULLY implement what I’ve learned from you – resulting in two new parties at the end of this month. Yes, it works!

Pam Morrison

I was organized and knew where I was going

I had such an exciting day today with this system! I was actually excited to make calls because I was organized and knew where I was going and what I was going to say! YAY!!

Your class transformed me!

Linda your class transformed me! I will continue to refer people to you because your program works!


I have found the Effortless Phone Calling Mastery Class to be exceptional.

Linda is fabulous!!!!!

Linda’s step by step process is so very easy to understand and follow, in addition to being easy to learn. She is fabulous!!!!!

Mary Ann L


You are AWESOME!! Thank you for the call, that was so helpful and uplifting.


I listened to your call and AM VERY THANKFUL for the information. It was well put and very helpful!!!

Jill S